Name: Susan
Age: 35
Rank: Director & Founder
Likes: The beach
Hates: The gym








Special Notes

Susan acquired Bonnington Beach and set about to transform it into more than just a run of the mill hotel.  Following personal training sessions on her local beach, Susan realised there was an opportunity to provide good value fitness breaks for people who prefer to train outdoors and breathe in the fresh sea air.  Susan was not always keen to train but was totally blown away by the beautiful beach surroundings the Dorset coastline has to offer and how this made her training experience invigorating, inspirational and (unbelievable to her) enjoyable, so Bootcamp Beach was born.

Following the Bootcamp Beach programme, Susan was able to drop a dress size and slip into her size 10 wedding dress, which made her December wedding extra special.

Susan will be on site during your 5-day programme. She is dedicated to ensuring you are happy with all aspects of the boot camp. Susan has set up a post programme support so you have continued access to provide help and guidance following your departure from Bootcamp Beach, should you need this.  Also, Susan will prepare a Bootcamp Beach pack upon your graduation from Bootcamp Beach with lots of fun and challenging memories of Bootcamp Beach, Bournemouth.