Oh, we do like to be beside Bournemouths seaside... 
Beside the seaside, beside the sea...

It is thought that visiting the seaside, even in a cold climate, can significantly improve your health.

In sunny LA, working out on the beach is standard practice. As our climate changes and we enjoy a greater number of milder days, people should consider using their local beach more often for exercising opportunities. Dave Rimmer, Personal Trainer at Bootcamp Beach, Bournemouth says “often, people think you have to work-out at the gym and this is the only way to properly exercise. In fact, running on sand helps you burn twice the number of calories as you do when jogging on a concrete or grass surface. Plus, the sand offers a shifting surface that forces the stabilising muscles of the core to really kick-in. Feet sink in the sand, making muscles work much harder and creating a bigger calorie burn.”

Naomi Rickard is a Personal Trainer at Bootcamp Beach, with expertise in injury rehabilitation - “running on the sand is an excellent way of strengthening and toning the legs and bum and because the sandy surface has some give, it is less jarring on the joints. Running in water is pretty challenging too and provides even more resistance than on sand- it can be hard work but it’s lots of fun!”

Muscles have a tendency to accommodate your work-out - so if you’re doing the same routine all the time, it gets stale, and you can stop seeing results. Exercising on the beach keeps exercising new, fresh, and challenging. It puts the fun-factor back into the work-out.

Stop putting your head in the sand, if you are lucky enough to live on the coast, or you’re planning a beach holiday, use the beach to get your perfect bikini body.

8 simple ways to exercise on the beach and have fun:

1. Sand running: running or brisk walking on the sand is an excellent way to achieve fast results, burning many more calories than conventional running.

2. Running in water: water provides even greater resistance than sand, making your work-out more effective. This is a real fat-burner.

3. Jump waves: jumping waves with friends, partners or family will make you laugh and drop pounds.

4. Ball games: play catch or bat and ball with a friend, or simply kick a football with the family. You’ll improve your co-ordination and get an aerobic work-out at the same time.

5. Build a giant sand-castle: have a race to make the biggest sand-castle. Digging sand and ferrying sand for the sand-castle, or water for the moat is a fun way to exercise the upper arms.

6. Stuck in the sand: you know how to play stuck-in-the-mud...well this is a variation of that game and just as much fun. Try combining crawling though legs and leap-frogging to vary the exercise routine.

7. Boxing: team up with a friend to do boxing exercises on the sand. You’ll work your heart, tone your arms, back and leg muscles and, of course, have fun.

8. Anti-running: if running / brisk walking isn’t your thing, you could pack a yoga mat (or beach towel) and some small exercise equipment and head for the beach. There are many things you can use to incorporate into your exercise routine. For example, beach-side benches are great for press ups and bench-presses. Lungs on the sand, will really work your leg muscles.

If you want to kick start your beach-side training and see pounds drop from everywhere but your wallet, sign up to Bootcamp Beach, the UK’s newest military inspired boot camp - training on and around Bournemouth beach.

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